Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eva Lush Lips - Lip Balms

Lip balms - you can never have enough of them.. right? I have one at my desk, one in each of my bags, one in the dressing vanity. Never a dry lip ;)

So, I was at Star Bazaar (the one near my house in Rajajinagar, Bangalore) and I spotted these.

Eva Lush Lips

This was the first time I had seen these. There are 5 options in these.

Classic Vanilla, Strawberry Bite, Tangy Orange, Blackcurrant Burst and Plum Sparkle.
Blackcurrant and Plum are glitter lips balms.

The balms are in a cute colour matched, slide out plastic cases. The Plum Sparkle that I picked up has a typical cherry lipbalm smell.

There is definitely shimmer in the balms and the shimmer transfers on to the lips. But these are definitely not long stay. If you are picky about stick-based lipbalms and do not like to dip into the tub everytime to use the balm.. this may not be for you. :)

Eva Lush Lips - 8gm - Rs. 75

I also picked up the Vivel Shampoo case, since it came with a free small hair brush :D

I have never used this shampoo and have no idea if it is good or not. I liked the tiny hair brush.. good enough to carry around in my hand bag. It is all plastic and the bristles are not too flexible.

Vivel Soft & Fresh Shampoo 100ml - Rs. 49 + Free Hair Brush
The 200ml shampoo pack also had the small size hair brush free.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner by Eyestudio

I had a Diwali shopping spree at the Bangalore Central, J.P Nagar, last Sunday. I bought a lot of stuff - saree, salwar material, perfume, sunglasses - all for my family. It cost me a bomb and a half. Hehehe..

I picked up 3 Maybelline Eyestudio eyeliners for myself. As you know, I do not have a lot of eye products. So I was very excited to get these. The lady at the Maybelline counter (SA?) was very nice and helpful. She swatched all the colors on my hand. I decided to pick the Gold, Greenish turquoise and Pink. They are all shimmery. These colors are light on the skin. If you want the colors to really show up, you would have to apply them atleast 3-4 times. The SA told me that I can use these as a shadow too. I haven't tried that yet. I am planning to use them only as liners. maybe 1-2 lines just above the lash line. They have a very creamy texture, which I liked a lot.

Once applied these colors stay put. I tried to smudge them, and I had to try hard. However I did find that on smudging all it left was shimmer and no color.

Also for buying 3 products I got a Nail Color free ! I had a choice to pick from about 6. Black, Pink and a few browny - goldeny ones. Obviously I picked the Pink ;)

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner by Eyestudio - Rs. 200 per eyeliner

This is going to be my Diwali makeup :)

Happy Diwali !!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Body Shop - Born Lippy Lipbalms

First off, let me say, I LOVE The Body Shop products. Everything from their combs to their fragrances.. I loooveee them :)

Recently I happened to get 3 of the Born Lippy lipbalms.

Pink Guava, Passionberry and Cool mint.

Second off, let me say, I did not buy these from any of the Bangalore stores. My sister sent these from Singapore. So I am so so sooooo sorry if you are not able to find these in Bangalore :(

I saw the Pink Guava lipbalm on the website. But couldn't find the other two.

The Pink Guava lipbalm has a fruity sweet guava smell. The Passionberry has very intense black grape smell. The Cool Mint smells exactly like a peppermint, and when you wear it on the lips it feels like you are eating a peppermint !

The Born Lippy lipbalms cost Rs.190

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bridal makeup for ethnic skin

I was looking for good bridal makeup tutorials when I came across a series by Expertvillage on Youtube. I found it quite helpful. The tutorials cover everything from choosing the right foundation to applying eyeliner. And the makeup done is not too heavy and can be modified for party wear too. Here is the list of the videos. Hope you find this helpful.

About bridal makeup

Bridal makeup materials

Preparing skin for makeup

Choosing foundation

Applying foundation




Eyeshadow base




Friday, September 17, 2010

Colors by Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a cosmetics fest on. Something to do this weekend !

** Click on the image for a larger view **

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eyeshadow Collection

Here is my awesome eyeshadow collection ...

You see that picture on the right.. Yeah that Quad. That's my "collection" !!

Yup. All I've got is one eyeshadow quad! Would you believe it? I am probably the only makeup lover in this world who has just one.. yes ladies.. just ONE eyeshadow quad.

I had picked this up about 2 years ago for my cousin's wedding. And I've used it maybe a total of 5 times. Like I've said earlier I hardly wear makeup on a regular basis. So I've survived all this while with just a simple black/shimmery gray eyeshadow. I don't think I've used the brown shadow ever. But it's about time I add some more to my collection. I am not too brave in experimenting with colors. So I am planning to pick up a palette in pink/peach and another in golden. Any suggestions?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Giveaway at Make up addict !

Hey everyone,

Sabina is doing a 100th follower giveaway at her blog. Click the below link for details and to enroll in the giveaway. Good Luck !

Sabina's blog giveaway.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review : Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan - Soundarya and Facial Scrub - Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

In this post I am reviewing 2 Forest Essentials face products.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan - Soundarya

What FE says about the Facial Ubtan -

"Ubtans made from finely ground powders with potent ingredients are used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation. They are made into a paste by adding a snall amount of rosewater, milk or yoghurt until the mixture reaches a smooth and creamy consistency. Soundarya Facial Ubtan - smoothes, polishes, adds radiance. "

The Soundarya Ubtan is an ayurvedic formulation and contains fennel seeds, star anise, fenugreek, manjishta, saffron, sandalwood and lemon peel.

I use this daily to wash my face during my morning bath. I was given a cute wooden spoon with this pack. I take a spoon of the powder and mix it well with rosewater and use it to wash face and neck. I haven't felt like it has dried my skin with daily use. Instead I actually feel it works. My skin is smoother and the blemishes have reduced. The most significant change I have noticed is the drastic reduction in blackheads. I have always had a problem with this and most face washes have not helped. The chemical based exfoliators have only added more oil to my face. Using the FE Ubtan has helped tremendously.

I tried using this with milk, but the milk was too creamy and it kind of left my face feeling a little oily which I don't like. Maybe if you have extremely dry skin it milk might help. Also I don't think people with serious acne issues should use this, since I read somewhere that using a scrub only exacerbates the condition.

Like all FE products this too is on the expensive side. 100 gms costs Rs.495. However, so little of it is required that 100 gms will last a good while. I bought the jar in July and have been using it daily and as you can see in the picture it seems barely used.

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub - Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

What FE says about the Facial Scrub (Gentle refining scrub) -

"Gentle yet deep cleanses remove, pollution and other impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. They should be used for deep cleansing. Hand-pounded organic fruit face scrub - conditions, exfoliates, polishes"

I almost didn't buy this scrub, because it smells really pungent. I like pleasant smells, and this has a very strong smell. Almost like 'Chyawanprash' but only stronger. But I braved it and picked it up. The store assistant had told me that it is a very strong product and to use it only once a week if required. It's a fine paste with very minute exfoliators. I use just a teeny dab of it after I have washed my face with the Ubtan. I apply it and massage it in circular motion and wash away with cold water. It does leave a after-smell. You can't smell it in general, but if someone is really close to your face it sure does smell. *wink* *wink*

Since I use the Ubtan on a daily basis, using the fruit scrub once a week helps. It makes the skin supple and soft. You have to wash it off really well, since the tiny granules can dry out on any fine hair on the face and neck.

Key ingredients in the fruit scrub - Lychee juice, Khajoor Ext., Sweet almond oil, Surajmukhi Ext., Sev fruit Ext., Golden Wheat Ext., Ashwagandha, Daruhaldi, Arnica, Fennel, Saffron Ext.

Again expensive, Rs.695 for 50gms. But once a week , a tiny dab, so has lasted a good time. However when it is over, I might pick up something else.. simply for the smell.. hehehe..

** Click on the image for a larger view **

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review : Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle

Hello Hello..

Since I have done 2 posts on skincare products I have decided to go rogue today and do a makeup product review! ;)

I do not use make up on a daily basis. Only when I go out with friends and feel I need to look better than my usual days (light coverage/lip gloss/kajal). Or if I am attending a wedding or some function(foundation/blush/eye shadow/lisptick/gloss etc etc).

So when I require only a light coverage I use the Lakme face magic daily wear souffle.

What Lakme says about the souffle -

"A lightweight water based foundation that gently evens out your complexion. With the goodness of Sunscreen, Cucumber extracts and Vitamin E, it provides UV protection in addition to soothing and moisturising your skin, giving you a natural flawless glow. "

I have the souffle in Natural Pearl - for light skin. It's a good first time product. But it requires a lot of work while applying. On it's own the product doesn't work for me. It leaves creases. Definitely does not moisturise my skin. I add in a drop or two of the Forest Essentials light day lotion, mix it in really well and apply it to my face. Then blend, blend, blend, blend.. Once set it stays for good amount of time. Doesn't require touch ups. It can be used as a foundation for heavy makeup too.. But if you require strong coverage this isn't the product for you.

I bought this is a while back and didn't use up much of it since at that time I did not have a good moisturiser to mix it with. Now I use it fairly regularly along with the FE lotion. I am not sure if this is still available, I had picked it up in one of the Lakme salon's I used to frequent. ( On a side note Lakme salon's are too expensive for the service they offer. I now go to Green Trends. They are awesome ! )

Would I buy it again? Probably not. I am looking for a good tinted moisturiser that I can use as a daily wear. If you already have the Lakme souffle and find that it's too flaky or creasy, I suggest you mix it with your favourite moisturiser and blend well. It will work.

It's oil-free and comes in 3 different shades. Price - Rs. 95 for 30 ml when I bought it. May cost more now.

** Click on the image for larger view **

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review : Forest Essentials Body Lotion - Mashobra Wild Honey & Vanilla

Ultra-Rich Dazzling Body Lotions with burnt sugar - Mashobra Wid Honey & Vanilla Hand Body Lotion

Ah.. doesn't that sound exotic ! Body lotions are my go to items. Wherever I go, any beauty products shop I visit, I always pick up body lotions. I love 'em.

What FE says about it's Body lotions -

" Sugar has long been used in Asian beauty treatments for it's moisturizing and softening virtues. These ultra rich lotions incorporate real caremelized sugar crystals to smoothen and nourish the skin. "

Mashobra is a town in Himacahal Pradesh. So I am assuming the wild honey is sourced from this town. (Just an assumption, no claims)

The lotion has a very subtle sweet smell. A very faint vanilla. No over powering smell like most The Body Shop lotions. The best way to use this lotion just after you've stepped out the bath. Slightly pat your body with a towel and dab on the lotion. That way it retains the moisture on the skin.

Like the FE light day lotion, this body lotion too feels very light on the skin. It's not oily or greasy. I like how it has a simple sweet smell and makes me feel soft.

The bottle has 200 ml and costs Rs. 695. Well worth the price. Once I am through with this, I would probably go back and buy another variant of the body lotions from Forest Essentials.

** Click on the image to enlarge it **

Review : Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion - Lavender & Neroli

I have about normal to slightly dry skin. I don't put on moisturiser on a daily basis. I do apply a dab when my face slightly dry, mostly in winters. The other moisturisers that I have tried have felt very oily and sticky on my face. So the FE light day lotion has been a welcome change.

What FE says about it's Light Day lotions -

" These day daytime moisturiserz soothe stressed skin. They protect from UV rays & free radicals and bring extra moisture, leaving the skin soft & glowing "

I have the lotion in Lavender & Neroli. The bottle looks very royal and it has a small pump from which the lotion squirts out. Just a drop or two is good enough for me.

First off it smells heavenly ! It just feels like I am in a serene temple, and life is filled with love and fairies and all things nice. :)

This lotion does not feel sticky at all. It goes on very light and gives a dewy look.
If I am having a good skin day, I put on only the lotion and I am good to go. And when I need a little coverage I mix 2 squirts of it with a dab of the Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle and blend it in well on my face. It works like a really good tinted moisturiser.

The bottle has 100ml of the product and costs Rs. 1695. Since I need only a tiny drop, it would probably last me a long time. It's on the expensive side, but I don't mind it since it is really worth the price. It is all ayurvedic & has SPF 25. No chemicals and no animal testing. Yay for that !!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Upcoming reviews - Forest Essentials

I am currently obsessed with Forest Essentials. They are all ayurvedic.. luxurious ayurvedic products ! Here is the list of what I am using. Will review them soon.

Light Day Lotion - Lavender & Neroli
Ultra-Rich Body Lotion - Mashobra, Honey & Vanilla
Soundarya Facial Ubtan
Facial Scrub - Hand pounded organic fruit
Facial Tonic Mist - Pure Rosewater
Hair Cleanser - Mashobra, Honey & Vanilla

Forest Essentials store in Bangalore is at Lavelle Road.

Hi !!

I have been using all kinds of face and body products over the years. Some chemical based, some homemade. Face washes, scrubs, masks, shampoos, besan and curd !!! Tried them all.. Over the years I have felt that natural, ayurvedic, herbal products have had better results. So here is my attempt at reviewing the products that I use at present and any new discoveries that I make along the way. Hope it helps you too :)