Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review : Forest Essentials Body Lotion - Mashobra Wild Honey & Vanilla

Ultra-Rich Dazzling Body Lotions with burnt sugar - Mashobra Wid Honey & Vanilla Hand Body Lotion

Ah.. doesn't that sound exotic ! Body lotions are my go to items. Wherever I go, any beauty products shop I visit, I always pick up body lotions. I love 'em.

What FE says about it's Body lotions -

" Sugar has long been used in Asian beauty treatments for it's moisturizing and softening virtues. These ultra rich lotions incorporate real caremelized sugar crystals to smoothen and nourish the skin. "

Mashobra is a town in Himacahal Pradesh. So I am assuming the wild honey is sourced from this town. (Just an assumption, no claims)

The lotion has a very subtle sweet smell. A very faint vanilla. No over powering smell like most The Body Shop lotions. The best way to use this lotion just after you've stepped out the bath. Slightly pat your body with a towel and dab on the lotion. That way it retains the moisture on the skin.

Like the FE light day lotion, this body lotion too feels very light on the skin. It's not oily or greasy. I like how it has a simple sweet smell and makes me feel soft.

The bottle has 200 ml and costs Rs. 695. Well worth the price. Once I am through with this, I would probably go back and buy another variant of the body lotions from Forest Essentials.

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  1. Would you mind updating with a list of the ingredient in the Forest Essentials products some time, please? :)

  2. Rads, Did you want the ingredients for the Body Lotion? If you click on the second picture above you can see the list as on the bottle.

  3. Thanks..I didn't notice that earlier :D


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