Friday, September 10, 2010

Review : Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan - Soundarya and Facial Scrub - Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

In this post I am reviewing 2 Forest Essentials face products.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan - Soundarya

What FE says about the Facial Ubtan -

"Ubtans made from finely ground powders with potent ingredients are used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation. They are made into a paste by adding a snall amount of rosewater, milk or yoghurt until the mixture reaches a smooth and creamy consistency. Soundarya Facial Ubtan - smoothes, polishes, adds radiance. "

The Soundarya Ubtan is an ayurvedic formulation and contains fennel seeds, star anise, fenugreek, manjishta, saffron, sandalwood and lemon peel.

I use this daily to wash my face during my morning bath. I was given a cute wooden spoon with this pack. I take a spoon of the powder and mix it well with rosewater and use it to wash face and neck. I haven't felt like it has dried my skin with daily use. Instead I actually feel it works. My skin is smoother and the blemishes have reduced. The most significant change I have noticed is the drastic reduction in blackheads. I have always had a problem with this and most face washes have not helped. The chemical based exfoliators have only added more oil to my face. Using the FE Ubtan has helped tremendously.

I tried using this with milk, but the milk was too creamy and it kind of left my face feeling a little oily which I don't like. Maybe if you have extremely dry skin it milk might help. Also I don't think people with serious acne issues should use this, since I read somewhere that using a scrub only exacerbates the condition.

Like all FE products this too is on the expensive side. 100 gms costs Rs.495. However, so little of it is required that 100 gms will last a good while. I bought the jar in July and have been using it daily and as you can see in the picture it seems barely used.

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub - Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

What FE says about the Facial Scrub (Gentle refining scrub) -

"Gentle yet deep cleanses remove, pollution and other impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. They should be used for deep cleansing. Hand-pounded organic fruit face scrub - conditions, exfoliates, polishes"

I almost didn't buy this scrub, because it smells really pungent. I like pleasant smells, and this has a very strong smell. Almost like 'Chyawanprash' but only stronger. But I braved it and picked it up. The store assistant had told me that it is a very strong product and to use it only once a week if required. It's a fine paste with very minute exfoliators. I use just a teeny dab of it after I have washed my face with the Ubtan. I apply it and massage it in circular motion and wash away with cold water. It does leave a after-smell. You can't smell it in general, but if someone is really close to your face it sure does smell. *wink* *wink*

Since I use the Ubtan on a daily basis, using the fruit scrub once a week helps. It makes the skin supple and soft. You have to wash it off really well, since the tiny granules can dry out on any fine hair on the face and neck.

Key ingredients in the fruit scrub - Lychee juice, Khajoor Ext., Sweet almond oil, Surajmukhi Ext., Sev fruit Ext., Golden Wheat Ext., Ashwagandha, Daruhaldi, Arnica, Fennel, Saffron Ext.

Again expensive, Rs.695 for 50gms. But once a week , a tiny dab, so has lasted a good time. However when it is over, I might pick up something else.. simply for the smell.. hehehe..

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  1. Hi,

    Picked the Kashmiri walnut scrub from them a while back and yes has the same chawanprash look, but liking it...think i missed this one, it sounds good...maybe next time will pick this one up

  2. their shampoo is over priced and its not doing any good to my hair...


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