Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review : Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion - Lavender & Neroli

I have about normal to slightly dry skin. I don't put on moisturiser on a daily basis. I do apply a dab when my face slightly dry, mostly in winters. The other moisturisers that I have tried have felt very oily and sticky on my face. So the FE light day lotion has been a welcome change.

What FE says about it's Light Day lotions -

" These day daytime moisturiserz soothe stressed skin. They protect from UV rays & free radicals and bring extra moisture, leaving the skin soft & glowing "

I have the lotion in Lavender & Neroli. The bottle looks very royal and it has a small pump from which the lotion squirts out. Just a drop or two is good enough for me.

First off it smells heavenly ! It just feels like I am in a serene temple, and life is filled with love and fairies and all things nice. :)

This lotion does not feel sticky at all. It goes on very light and gives a dewy look.
If I am having a good skin day, I put on only the lotion and I am good to go. And when I need a little coverage I mix 2 squirts of it with a dab of the Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle and blend it in well on my face. It works like a really good tinted moisturiser.

The bottle has 100ml of the product and costs Rs. 1695. Since I need only a tiny drop, it would probably last me a long time. It's on the expensive side, but I don't mind it since it is really worth the price. It is all ayurvedic & has SPF 25. No chemicals and no animal testing. Yay for that !!

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  1. And this is the one I currently use!...I like it, but somehow one step away from loving it...its creamy, non -greasy, smells right, but a thicker texture and a less powdery fragrance would do it i guess...


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