Monday, October 18, 2010

The Body Shop - Born Lippy Lipbalms

First off, let me say, I LOVE The Body Shop products. Everything from their combs to their fragrances.. I loooveee them :)

Recently I happened to get 3 of the Born Lippy lipbalms.

Pink Guava, Passionberry and Cool mint.

Second off, let me say, I did not buy these from any of the Bangalore stores. My sister sent these from Singapore. So I am so so sooooo sorry if you are not able to find these in Bangalore :(

I saw the Pink Guava lipbalm on the website. But couldn't find the other two.

The Pink Guava lipbalm has a fruity sweet guava smell. The Passionberry has very intense black grape smell. The Cool Mint smells exactly like a peppermint, and when you wear it on the lips it feels like you are eating a peppermint !

The Born Lippy lipbalms cost Rs.190