Monday, October 18, 2010

The Body Shop - Born Lippy Lipbalms

First off, let me say, I LOVE The Body Shop products. Everything from their combs to their fragrances.. I loooveee them :)

Recently I happened to get 3 of the Born Lippy lipbalms.

Pink Guava, Passionberry and Cool mint.

Second off, let me say, I did not buy these from any of the Bangalore stores. My sister sent these from Singapore. So I am so so sooooo sorry if you are not able to find these in Bangalore :(

I saw the Pink Guava lipbalm on the website. But couldn't find the other two.

The Pink Guava lipbalm has a fruity sweet guava smell. The Passionberry has very intense black grape smell. The Cool Mint smells exactly like a peppermint, and when you wear it on the lips it feels like you are eating a peppermint !

The Born Lippy lipbalms cost Rs.190


  1. These sound wonderful, but are they worth 190 bucks? I had seen them, but I couldn't get myself to part with my money, esp since they don't even have spf. Also, does the mint feel tingly?

    Nice blog BTW.

  2. Thank You ! You are my first commenter :) Yay!! I am not too picky about SPF on my products.. Since I live in Bangalore and don't really get out much when it's too hot in the day. I am ok with the price and Body Shop usually has some offer going on and I have the membership card too.. So I get a 10% off anyways. You could also try the Biotique lip balms which are slightly less expensive than the TBS ones. I have the Sunflower Oil lipbalm from Biotique which is very good. I get the TBS ones simply because they smell yummy :) And yes the Mint one does feel tingly. Exactly like how you would feel when you eat a peppermint..

  3. 190 is good for a body shop lip balm..nice..

  4. I LOVE tingly lip balms. As for SPF, it's very important to me as I live in Chennai. But yes, the TBS balms smell absolutely yummy! I saw a mango lip balm & I swear my hands were actually itching to get it...

    ANd I'm happy to be your first commenter :D

  5. I'm gonna be moving to Bangalore by the end of nest great that you got the lip balms..i love lip balms but these are lil out of my budget..


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